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Purpose and Directions

Welcome to the MoonRings Destination Evaluation! This tool has been developed primarily with honeymooners in mind, but anyone having difficulty figuring out the "right" destination for a special trip might find it useful. It will provide a framework for you to think about your trip, and will allow us to make destination recommendations based on your interests and budget.

Before you proceed, please keep in mind that our primary destination expertise is outside of the continental United States - unfortunately, we are not the best resource when it comes to the Poconos, Niagara Falls or Las Vegas.

We estimate the evaluation will take 10 - 15 minutes to complete. When finished, simply hit the "submit" button at the end of the page.

Your submission will be personally reviewed by a Relationship Manager, and you can expect a personalized response in 5 - 7 business days. If you would prefer to speak to someone immediately or are on a rush planning timeline, please call us at 800.205.3314 or 312.261.5760.

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Okay, let's get started!

Part I: So Many Destinations, So Little Time...

  1. Please list the two best vacations you have taken, and in a sentence or two, tell us what made each so special. For honeymooners, if you and your fiancé haven't traveled together, each of you choose your favorite trip.
Destination Why?
Trip # 1:   
Trip # 2:
  1. Please list your two worst vacations and tell us why they were so disappointing.
Destination Why?
Trip # 1:   
Trip # 2:
  1. What are your three favorite hotels and why? Again, for honeymooners, if you and your fiancé haven't traveled together, each of you choose a hotel or two.
Name & Location Why?
Hotel # 1:   
Hotel # 2:
Hotel # 3:
  1. Have you already decided on a destination, or are you leaning towards one or two in particular? If so, please list below and tell us why.
Destination Why?
Possibility # 1:   
Possibility # 2:
  1. Are there any places that you definitely do NOT want to go? If so, please list below.

Part II: Your Travel Interests...

Above all, it is most important to determine the "nature" of your ideal travel experience. Is your overriding goal to relax, relax, relax, regardless of where you are? Or is it to explore a new country and culture together? Or possibly to pamper yourselves in the lap of luxury? Briefly describe the "ambiance" or "feel" of your perfect honeymoon or special occasion trip (specific activities will be covered later so no need to mention them now...).

The rest of Part II covers travel preferences. Please make sure to discuss with your partner or travel companions before submitting.

  1. Your Honeymoon / Travel Experience

What do you want to do on your trip? Nothing but relax? Play golf? Explore new cultures? In general, what types of "activities" do you enjoy when on vacation (check all that apply)?

 Museums/sightseeing  Theater/Arts  Foreign Cultures  Nature/outdoor sights
 Physical activities/sports  Relaxation/spa  Nightlife/gambling  Culinary/dining

Now, list all the specific things you would like to do, see or experience — chances are there will be a place that covers many of them.

  1. Weather and Climate

What type of weather would you prefer — hot, cold, warm, tropical? Which is more appealing: sipping hot chocolate by a fireplace at a ski resort, or sipping a cold tropical drink while lounging by the pool? Please describe your preferred climate for this trip:

  1. Modes of Transportation

How do you like to travel? There are many choices when figuring out how to get to your ultimate destination as well as traveling around when you get there. Which modes are acceptable (check all that are acceptable)?

 Will Fly  Will take trains  Will drive
 Will take boats  Will fly on small planes
        (if necessary)
 Will consider multiple stops when flying
  1. Travel Distance

How far away from home are you willing to go?

 3 hours of travel or less  6 hours of travel or less
10 hours of travel or less  Travel time not important
  1. Trip Length

If you've got a week, a trip from the US to Thailand may not make sense due to lengthy flights and jet lag. Likewise, a beach resort in Mexico could get a little boring after three weeks. About how much time do you have for your trip?

 4 days or less  One week  10 Days
 Two Weeks  More than two weeks  
  1. Accommodations Preferences

Destinations often have a mix of lodging options, but certain places are better known for certain types of accommodations. For example, Hawaii has an excellent selection of large resorts but a much more limited selection of boutique options. What type(s) of accommodations would you prefer (check all that apply):

Beach resort
Golf resort
Spa resort
Mountain resort
Major chain hotel
Trendy / avant-garde hotel
Boutique hotel/inn
Bed & breakfast
Cruise ship
Private villa, bungalow or island
Private house
Private yacht

Level of Quality (check preference):

Luxury (e.g. Four Seasons, Aman)
Deluxe (e.g. Hyatt, Marriott)
Standard (e.g. Holiday Inn)
Economy (e.g. Motel 6)
  1. Trip Budget

While it's not always easy to estimate, it will impact your travel options. Simply put, some places are just more expensive than others! For help with budgeting, see our Budget Guide.

What is your approximate total travel budget?  US$

  1. Occasions & Dates

What is the occasion for this trip?     

If applicable, what is/was your wedding date?       

When are you planning to depart for your trip?       

Part III: All About You...

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