Adventure travel means different things to different people. Hard core adventurers may opt for multi-day sojourns, camping along the way as they scale, trek, abseil, bike, surf or kayak through remote corners of the world. Soft adventurers often like to get dirty by day, but value the comfort of a great lodge or comfy hotel by night. The reality is that the spectrum is wide, and a given trip may contain elements of both along with more staid activities like visiting cities or beaches. At MoonRings, we've planned the gamut of adventures for our clients, from rigorous mountain biking in Southeast Asia to rafting the Zambezi River. Whether a longer experience or a simple day trip, we have cultivated relationships in the destinations we serve to bring our clients the kinds of adventures they seek. You'll be tired but overjoyed at the end of a great day outdoors!

We made it to the top of Kilimanjaro…somehow our lungs held out and our desire never wavered. Thank you thank you for making this dream come true for us, will call you with the full report when we get back!

-- Missy and Alex, Boulder, CO (via text message from Tanzania)

An adventurous

Travel Moment...

You knew it was going to be difficult. Three nights of camping at altitude interspersed with 25 miles of hiking at 12,000 feet never sounded easy. As you carry your small day pack, all you can think is "thank goodness for our Peruvian porters." Day two was by far the hardest, with serious elevation gains and the tallest peaks, but now, as you a come to the end of the famous Inca Trail, your prior efforts are in the past and your heart flutters in anticipation of what's to come. Rays of sun begin to show behind mountain silhouettes. Ahead two llamas block the path, who, after a brief stare-down, saunter down a steep embankment. The trail is level now, and as you round the bend the mythical scene you've waited years to see looms large in the distance. Congratulations, you've earned the right to behold Machu Picchu.

Why MoonRings

Wide range of adventure experience

From vigorous ice-climbing in Patagonia, to multi-day treks in Bhutan, to zip-lining in Panama, we've organized a vast array of adventure travel, both hard and soft, across the globe.

Adventure destination expertise

Practically every destination on earth has opportunities for adventure travel; our deep knowledge of the destinations we serve includes an impressive repertoire of exciting physical adventures that you'll never forget.

Impeccable execution

The logistics behind an adventure trip or even just a day of adventure are tricky; we'll get you to the trailhead, mountain top, river start or bungee bridge on time.

Strong industry relationships

As members of the Adventure Travel and Tourism Association (ATTA) we have a network of great outfitters and operators in some of coolest destinations around the planet. We can propose trustworthy guides and experts to support your most radical travel interests!

Are we a good fit for you? If so, please contact us to discuss your adventure interests and learn more about the next steps to becoming a client.

favorite hotels




Set in beautiful isolation in Argentina's Patagonian steppe, Eolo is one of our favorite lodges in the southern cone of South America. Guests fly into El Calafate, 30 minutes from the lodge, but Eolo feels a world apart from this busy frontier town. Once at Eolo, there are a multitude of activities to enjoy as part of a stay including guided trekking, mountain biking, and flora/fauna recognition walks. Beyond this, other adventures such as visits to the active Perito Moreno Glacier, horseback riding, ice trekking or climbing, and 4x4 excursions, among others, are possible. A surprising fact – the food, here in the middle of emptiness, is absolutely fabulous, and better yet, it's included in the rates. The lodge itself is supremely comfortable, with cushy common areas, massage services, and an indoor pool. The rooms are simple, as befits the landscape, but views are stunning, no matter which category you choose. Eolo's staff, led by the warmly energetic General Manager Rodrigo Braun, go out of their way to make sure your visit stands out among everything else you'll experience in Argentina.

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Kasbah du Toubkal


Kasbah du Toubkal

Kasbah du Toubkal is an adventurer's dream. Located only 1.5 hours from Marrakech, it is still remote, set in the High Atlas Mountains. The first indication that things are a little different at this gem is your arrival: you must hike the final 15-30 minutes to the Kasbah, while your luggage follows by pack mule. From there it just gets better – the setting, surrounded by peaks, is stunning. Rooms are modest, with large windows facing the range and nearby villages, and many with outdoor terraces to catch some rays. Traditional rugs and locally made furniture complete this authentic picture. But you may not choose to spend much time in your room since there is much to enjoy outdoors. You can ascend Jbel Toubkal (during the summer months), North Africa's highest mountain, without specialist climbing skills. Or go on extended hikes with overnight stays at the Kasbah's trekking lodge, Azzaden. For soft adventure, take a stroll at the midpoint of which you'll encounter a picnic lunch for two, set upon carpets and pillows. We love Kasbah du Toubkal because this is the real Morocco; a true Berber hospitality experience.

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