It’s always been said that space is the next frontier, and now, one need not be an elite astronaut to experience the magic of the great beyond. In partnership with zero2infinity, we are excited to introduce you to bloon, a revolutionary way to soar peacefully to the edge of the earth’s atmosphere while gazing back at our beautiful blue planet.

The technology for bloon is straightforward: a specially fabricated pod, which can carry up to four passengers and two pilots, is elevated from the earth by a sail (balloon) filled with inert helium. Upon reaching the maximum altitude, you’ll be able to see the black of space above, the blue of the earth below and the curvature of the earth. At the conclusion of the flight, guests are returned to the ground in the same, gentle manner. No rockets, no fuel, no physical stress.

Near-space balloon flight is a proven technology, having already allowed Austrian Felix Baumgartner to make his record-setting high-altitude sky dive in 2012. Based on the same principles, bloon will be the first commercially viable option that will let travelers ascend into near-space, the outer edge of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Conceived by MIT PhDs and venture-backed, bloon has followed a rigorous development timetable that has met all major technological and performance milestones over the last 5 years. Manned flight is due to begin in late 2014, with guests to follow in 2015. The first fortunate voyagers have already booked their passage.

There may be no better way to commemorate a special occasion, such as an important anniversary or big birthday, than by safely traveling into the great beyond. Please contact us for more information and to reserve your date of preference.

If not 200, but 2,000, 20,000 or even 200,000 people some day have the privilege of seeing the view that we did, and even if it only affects a fraction of them the way it has affected us, I think the world would be a better place.

-- Michael Lopez Alegria, NASA Astronaut

A Near-Space

Travel Moment...

It’s silent, yet the world unfolds before you like a symphony. 36 kilometers above the earth’s surface you are transfixed by the colors, the curvature and the shear peace of it all. The lift-off was calm, and the ascent has seen the helium balloon above you inflate into a beautiful orb that gently glides through space. Your field of view is 900 miles at a time – the distance from Rome to Paris from one window. As you enjoy your favorite drink with your spouse, you savor the moment, knowing this experience is the capstone of your years together, a worthy celebration of such an important anniversary. In the hands of your capable pilots, you absorb every moment of your five-hour journey. This, without a doubt, is the most amazing private flight you’ve ever taken.

Why MoonRings

As a leader in experiential travel for over a decade, MoonRings has always partnered with the planet’s top experience providers, ensuring our clients unique and exclusive access to the people, places and events that truly distinguish one’s journeys. We’ve done the same through our partnership with zero2infinity, so our travelers can transcend the earth’s boundaries like never before. As one of North America’s select sales agents for bloon high-altitude space flight, we are able to answer your questions, and make sure you have access the zero2infinity’s key people so you know what to expect during your near-space experience. Let us show you the way to an entirely new perspective on Mother Earth!

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