What is a babymoon? To us it can mean a couple different things: a final getaway for expecting couples or a last big hurrah for hopefully-soon-to-be-expecting couples. While the idea behind both of these trips is similar, the actual trips themselves can be quite different.

For those with a baby on the way, it's important to focus on her comfort and health. Choose a destination that's conducive to relaxation and also has a reputable healthcare system. Pick romantic accommodations that offer options for pampering. Minimize flight time.

For those still in the planning stages, the sky's the limit. Think big. This could be your last opportunity to explore more distant and exotic lands for quite some time. Of course, if you've been working tirelessly and simply want to "check out" on a gorgeous stretch of sand, this can work too!

At MoonRings, we understand the differing needs of both types of babymooners. Our planning process is designed to ensure that your custom-tailored itinerary is the perfect fit, so that you can make this last or second-to-last trip really count.

Thank you so much for planning such a fantastic babymoon! It was the ideal way for us to de-stress and enjoy a little romance before we're knee deep in diapers.

-- Kate and Aaron, Palo Alto, CA

A moment on your


It's a serene, misty morning in beautiful Big Sur, California. Knock-knock, your therapists are here for a much needed couple's massage. He's getting his favorite, a Thai massage, while you've been eagerly awaiting a prenatal massage for two weeks. Aching back be gone! On your private deck, magical fingers begin their work as you quickly fall into a dreamlike state. As your session comes to an end, the mist begins to rise as if on cue to reveal a gorgeous stretch of coastline.

Weather Guide

A major concern for travelers with less flexible dates (e.g. if a baby is on the ), is the weather. The beach isn't quite as much fun when it's pouring rain! If you pay attention to weather from the onset, you will decrease the odds of "weather disappointment." A good approach is to start with your desired travel dates and choose your destination based on where the weather is good. If the baby is still in the planning stages, you should have more leeway in selecting your location.

To give you a better feel for global weather patterns, let's take a quick look at where to go when, which will hopefully spark some ideas for you (note to our Aussie, Kiwi and South African friends: we've referenced the seasons found north of the equator – thanks for understanding!).

spring honeymoons

Winter Warmth

For those taking a winter babymoon, there are many solid possibilities. If you are in the market for a beach experience, the Caribbean (particularly the north and central islands) and coastal Mexico are wonderful from December through April. Because this time of the year is considered "high season", hotel rates are near their peak (but so are your odds of great weather). Other possibilities include southern Florida and southern California. For a more exotic beach setting, check out the Maldives!

If the beach is not your thing (or you'd like something to do in addition to the beach), wintertime presents a number of alternatives. The weather in Thailand is as good as it gets (only slightly hot and humid). It's also a great time of year to visit New Zealand (remember, it's summer down under). For a diverse jungle-beach adventure, January through April is ideal for a babymoon to either Costa Rica or Panama. And farther south, our winter is the perfect time to explore Argentina, Chile and Peru. If you are skiers or boarders, this is the time of year to check into a cozy lodge in the Rockies or the Alps. Of course, if you're already pregnant, some of these more exotic (or physical) spots mentioned above (and below) may not be appropriate.

spring honeymoons

Spring has Sprung

Early spring can be a challenging time to plan a babymoon since it's often considered a weather transition period in many locales (i.e., from the rainy to dry season, or vice versa). Late spring, however, is often a great time to travel due to the wide variety of destinations with appealing weather. Those in search of a pristine beach will find just what the doctor ordered in Hawaii, French Polynesia, Fiji and the Caribbean (particularly the central and southern islands).

European countries become an option as late spring weather brings warmer temperatures, more sunshine and blossoming foliage. Italy, France, England, Spain and Greece are outstanding choices for those desiring a bit of Old World charm.

Which exotic locations are worth considering in the spring? Bali, Egypt, Turkey and Morocco all hit their stride during these months. If your dream is track wild game, late spring is an excellent time to take a safari in much of Eastern and Southern Africa.

spring honeymoons

Summer Lovin'

As the summer heats up, your babymoon options change a little. For starters, the Caribbean "hurricane season" really kicks in mid-July, so it's best to avoid the region from then until early November. However, if the Caribbean is your top choice, head to Aruba which falls outside of the hurricane belt. Fortunately, there are many other fine summer beach choices, including Hawaii, French Polynesia, Fiji, and the remote Seychelles

Europe can work in the summer if you select your destinations and dates carefully. In general, it's best to avoid the month of August, which is not only very hot but also quite crowded as many Europeans take their summer holidays.

For those in search of something different, summer is a fine time to visit Australia, Bali, Japan, East Africa and South Africa.

spring honeymoons

Fall Fantasies

Fall babymoon options change as the season progresses. In early fall, the best beach weather tends to be found in French Polynesia and Hawaii. The Caribbean, Mexico and Florida start to come back into play around mid-November after the hurricane season passes.

If you are planning a fall trip and have your eye on Europe, it's best to go in September or October. In general, temperatures are still pleasant with average amounts of precipitation. The further you get into the season, the more winter-like it gets.

Finally, the fall is a fantastic time to visit Australia since it's spring down under—temps are perfect and the air is fresh! The weather is wonderful in nearby New Zealand as the calendar approaches November and December. Other fantastic fall destinations include Bali, Turkey, Morocco, East Africa and South Africa.

There is only one thing that is certain about the weather - there are no guarantees, so try to plan your trip based on when the odds are in your favor.

Why MoonRings

Babymoon experience

Having planned many, many babymoons, we intimately understand the subtle needs of those desiring this special getaway.

Destination expertise

Our team travels the world in search of the best babymoon destinations, gathering first-hand knowledge, and allowing us to provide more insightful recommendations. We know the hotels and resorts that "get" this time of life and offer the kinds of amenities you'll want.

Impeccable execution

Our holistic planning process ensures that all trip elements are seamlessly coordinated so there's nothing to worry about after departure.

Strong industry relationships

Our reputation within the industry as a luxury travel specialist translates into caring treatment for our babymoon clients.

Travel insurance knowledge

Expectant couples typically prefer to travel with some form of travel insurance. We'll help you select the plan that's best for you.

Are we a good fit for you? If so, please contact us to discuss your babymoon interests and learn more about the next steps to becoming a client.

favorite hotels
Four Seasons Manele Bay

Four Seasons Manele Bay

lanai, hawaii

Four Seasons Manele Bay

While not always obvious, Hawaii still has a few "hidden gems" when it comes to resort hotels. Chief among them is Four Seasons Manele Bay on the island of Lanai. Lanai itself is very exclusive, and add to that the personal touches and attention to detail exhibited by the Four Seasons, and your Babymoon experience is elevated to an entirely different level. The setting is lovely and relaxed - located on its own beautiful golden sand beach (perfect for doing nothing), what feels like a world away is actually an intimate property with extensive amenities. Restaurants serve a variety of local fare alongside international favorites, guests are well looked-after at the pool and beach area, and rooms are some of the largest and most inviting you'll find in the islands. When not spending time snorkeling, sipping cocktails (or mocktails), or sampling pupus (appetizers), guests will find pleasure in simply strolling around the property's grounds. An added bonus? The ability to shuttle to Manele Bay's sister property, The Lodge at Koele, for even more activities and dining. While families are welcome on-property, the resort tends to cater to couples; it's a perfect spot in which celebrate and relax before your next big milestone of parenthood!

Hotel Guanahani

Hotel Guanahani

st. barths, caribbean

Hotel Guanahani

Hotel Guanahani is a place for total relaxation. With two gorgeous beaches, a lovely large swimming pool, and a host of colorful gingerbread cottages, it's hard not to be at ease almost immediately. It is perhaps the most complete resort on St. Barths; in addition to the sand, there are three restaurants and a thatched roof beach bar. For mothers-to-be, we can suggest one of the Spa's signature Clarins facial treatments, or possibly a pre-natal massage. With 68 rooms and suites set within a variety of cottages, the property is not too large and not too small. This means you have anonymity, but the service is still excellent – the staff is welcoming, friendly and helpful. Rooms are charming, painted in varying colors, with private decks in a garden setting or with ocean views. Part of the reason St. Barths is a great place for a babymoon is its excellent food; if not imbibing, eating must still be enjoyable! If you even choose to venture off the resort grounds, there are more than 60 restaurants on the island, all with exceptionally high standards. There's not a bad meal to be had. For a true escape prior to starting a family, Hotel Guanahani is extraordinarily appealing.

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