Family travel can be defined in a number of different ways – a couple traveling with their kids; an extended family traveling together; or more than one family traveling together as a small group. The needs of each set of travelers can vary significantly. Families with infants or toddlers, for example, must consider a unique set of factors during the planning process. Which destinations can be reached most efficiently? Will certain baby products be available locally? Similarly, there is an entirely different set of considerations when traveling with multiple generations. Most importantly, how to keep a wide range of ages happy! Whichever category you fall into, a common thread is often the desire to strengthen familial bonds away from the distractions of home.

Whether this is your first serious trip with a little one in tow, you're dealing with independent-minded teens, or you're bringing along a large clan, we can help you design an experience that's right for your family.

Our Hawaiian vacation could not have been better! It was easily the best organized and least stressful trip we've taken with our boys. Thank you MoonRings!

-- Aaron and Nicole, La Jolla, CA

A moment on your

Family Vacation...

The kids are in the den eating cereal and watching cartoons, seemingly not noticing that they're in Italian. You're out on the patio, enjoying the early morning sunshine, and finishing off a last delicious drop of your morning caffè e latte. Rolling vineyards stretch out in all directions. A church bell rings in the distance. After a sound night of sleep, your parents join you outside, raring to go. On today's agenda is the medieval town of San Gimignano, a particularly fun place for kids as it's full of towers and castles. Afterwards, you'll all stop at a charming trattoria for lunch, then most likely for some gelato (again). In the afternoon, the children will undoubtedly want to stay at the villa, playing in the pool and running around the grounds. Perfect, your parents can watch them, and you and the hubby can visit the winery just down the road for a tour and tasting.

Weather Guide

A major concern for many travelers is the weather. The beach isn't as much fun when it's pouring rain. If you pay attention to weather from the onset, you will decrease the odds of "weather disappointment." If your heart is set on a particular destination, plan your trip during the time of the year when the weather is best. If this isn't possible due to the schedules of family members, choose your destination based on where the weather is good.

To give you a better feel for global weather patterns, let's take a quick look at where to go when, which will hopefully spark some ideas for you (note to our Aussie, Kiwi and South African friends: we've referenced the seasons found north of the equator – thanks for understanding!).

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Winter Warmth

For those taking a family vacation during the winter months, there are many solid possibilities. If you are in the market for a beach experience, the Caribbean (particularly the north and central islands) and coastal Mexico are wonderful from December through April or May. Because this time of the year is considered "high season", hotel and villa rates are near their peak (but so are your odds of great weather). If you are okay with a little rain, Hawaii can be a fine choice as well.

If the beach is not your thing (or you'd like something to do in addition to the beach), wintertime presents a number of alternatives. For more adventurous families, the weather in Thailand is as good as it gets (only slightly hot and humid). Similarly, it's also a great time of year to visit New Zealand (remember, it's summer down under). For a diverse jungle-beach adventure, January through April is an ideal time to visit Costa Rica. And farther south, our winter is the perfect time to explore Argentina, Chile and Peru. Finally, if you are skiers or boarders, this is the time of year to check into a lodge in the Rockies or the Alps.

spring honeymoons

Spring has Sprung

Early spring can be a challenging time to plan a trip since it's often considered a weather transition period in many locales (i.e., from the rainy to dry season, or vice versa). Late spring, however, is often a great time to travel, due to the wide variety of destinations with appealing weather. Those in search of a beaches and palm trees will find just what the doctor ordered in Hawaii, Fiji and the Caribbean (particularly the central and southern islands).

European countries become an option as late spring weather brings warmer temperatures, more sunshine and blossoming foliage. Italy, France, England, Spain and Greece are outstanding choices for families desiring a bit of Old World charm.

Which exotic locations are worth considering in the spring? Bali, Egypt, Turkey, Israel and Morocco all hit their stride during these months. Late spring is also an excellent time to take a safari in much of Eastern and Southern Africa.

spring honeymoons

Summer Lovin'

As the summer heats up, your options change a little. For starters, the Caribbean "hurricane season" really kicks in mid-July, so it's best to avoid the region from then until early November. However, if the Caribbean is your top choice, head to Aruba which falls outside of the hurricane belt. Fortunately, there are other fine summer beach choices, such as Hawaii and Fiji.

Europe can work in the summer if you select your destinations and dates carefully. In general, it's best to avoid the month of August, which is not only very hot but also quite crowded as many Europeans take their summer holidays.

For those in search of something different, summer is a fine time to visit Australia, Bali, Japan, Israel, East Africa and South Africa.

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Fall Fantasies

Fall options change as the season progresses. In early fall, the best beach weather tends to be found in the South Pacific and Hawaii. The Caribbean and Mexico start to come back into play around mid-November after the hurricane season passes.

If you are planning a fall trip and have your eye on Europe, it's best to go in September or October. In general, temperatures are still pleasant with average amounts of precipitation. The further you get into the season, the more winter-like it gets.

Finally, the fall is a fantastic time to visit Australia since it's spring down under—temps are perfect and the air is fresh! The weather is wonderful in nearby New Zealand as the calendar approaches November and December. Other fantastic fall destinations include Bali, Turkey, Morocco, East Africa and South Africa.

There is only one thing that is certain about the weather - there are no guarantees, so try to plan your trip based on when the odds are in your favor.

Why MoonRings

Family travel

We understand the unique needs of those traveling with kids… and parents. We can advise on everything from the most suitable logistics and accommodations, to which local activities are restaurants are especially family-friendly.

Creative ideas

Looking for something a little different? We can help come up with distinctive travel experiences geared specifically for your family.

Destination expertise

Our team travels the world, gathering first-hand knowledge, which allows us to provide more insightful recommendations.

Impeccable execution

Our holistic planning process ensures that all trip elements are seamlessly coordinated so there's nothing to worry about after departure.

Strong industry relationships

Our reputation within the industry for luxury travel translates into caring treatment for our clients, and special touches to make the trip more memorable.

Group travel

Our experience with group travel allows us to create the perfect getaway, whether the group is comprised of multiple families or multiple generations of the same family.

Are we a good fit for you? If so, please contact us to discuss your family travel interests and learn more about the next steps to becoming a client.

favorite hotels
The Ranch at Rock Creek

The Ranch at Rock Creek

montana, usa

The Ranch at Rock Creek

If your family is looking for a vacation that will appeal to young and old, look no further than the Ranch at Rock Creek, in western Montana. This is "Big-Sky" country, and the setting of the property will take your breath away. It's your opportunity to be a cowpoke for a few days, and to experience the great outdoors with your family. The energetic ones might join a round-up, or take to the hills on a mountain bike. Fishermen enjoy the trout-stocked ponds; take this opportunity to teach the next generation the joys of tying flies and casting! Others might prefer sporting clays or archery, and those who simply need rest will find respite by the pool, by a cozy fire, or in the fantastic spa. Kids learn how to build campfires, what it means to be a cowboy, and quite a lot about flowers and bugs. No matter what you do during the day, dinner is a place to sidle up to the western-style bar, share stories, and have a great home-cooked meal together, complete with the best wine and spirits. Accommodations are diverse with rooms in the main lodge and other out-buildings, a variety of individual cabins, supremely comfortable canvas cabins, and log homes. Luxury aficionados will be thrilled with the five-star standards at the Ranch, and everyone else will certainly appreciate the familial ambiance, and endless ways to spend time with loved ones.

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

south africa

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

While almost everyone traveling to South Africa will go on Safari, we think everyone who has time should also go to Grootbos. Located on the southern coast, Grootbos is a different type of nature reserve, and is especially well-suited to families. The initial draw is some of the world's best whale watching, particularly as Southern Right Whales migrate to the area from June through November. Guests can view whales from shore, by boat, or by scenic overflight. If by boat, children will be delighted by the opportunity to see the "Marine Big 5": whales, dolphins, sea lions, penguins and potentially the Great White Shark! Back on the Reserve, Grootbos' guides are wonderful at pointing out beautiful flowers, unique plants and myriad butterfly species on scenic walks and jeep tours. Horseback riding is always a favorite, as are beach picnics and sea cave tours. Kids get their hands dirty helping out at Grootbos' farm, where both vegetables and rare plant species are grown. They can also collect eggs from the chicken coop, go on treasure hunts, or enjoy the playground. Villas are spacious; there are one-bedroom and two-bedroom versions depending on your needs. For larger family groups, there is a beautiful six-suite villa, complete with private butler, chef and guide. With so much to offer, Grootbos is the perfect place for the active family to spend a few days discovering nature together!

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